Planning and Advice

Thinking about and planning your business’s financial situation is an ongoing process. Your goals change, your life changes, and your financial situation changes. Count on us to help with keeping your plans on the right path. We provide personalized financial advice today that can secure the financial future you want tomorrow. Nelson & District Credit Union will strive to provide members with solutions to help them pack responsibly for their unique business stages so they may reach their viewpoints.

As a member, joint owner and shareholder in your local Credit Union, you already have a different kind of relationship with your financial institution. That makes business banking here different too:

  • We keep financing decisions local and accountable.
  • Your character, track record and business plan matter.
  • We’d rather lend support than make stipulations.

In short, we keep it personal because you take your business personally.

So instead of pressing you into a grid full of blanks in a yea-or-nay mathematical formula, let’s take a few minutes to create a living profile of your business and financial scenario. Our experience with businesses of all sorts, all across Canada, has taught us helpful questions to ask, and about how your answers can help move the financing process along efficiently.

This is a concise way you can get a head start on a financing strategy for your business. Fill in this planner and we’ll get to “yes” faster, simpler, together.

Download our Business Planner (PDF)